Kenting and the Southernmost Point of Taiwan


Scooters are the way to go in Kenting National Park ( 墾丁) – the best way to explore the coast is to cruise around and stop at the scenic spots. Swimming and lounging at the beach would have been more pleasurable if there weren’t so many mosquitos lying in wait…

Provence – everything lavender


Who hasn’t seen pictures of lavender fields in the Provence? With them being just in season, I could not pass up the opportunity to see for myself. Transportation can be kind of tricky because, well, those are fields, so don’t count on public transport. Either go by car or take a tour from Avignon (or some other bigger city close by). The tour also included a visit of the village of Gordes which sits on top of a hill.

Hérault – sea to summit


When visiting the département of Hérault, it is best to start with Pic Saint Loup, a mountain north of Montpellier. There are hiking trails from several villages surrounding the Pic, but the easiest and most popular one leads you from Cazevieille to the summit in about 1h30. The most convenient way is to go by car as the Hérault Busses don’t run that often. But tramping also seems to work quite well.