Colors Of Zion Canyon

North America


From pictures I had seen beforehand, Zion National Park was the most plain and unobtrusive. Upon arriving, the endless patterns and wavy lines carved into the stone begged to differ.


We were lucky enough to spot a group of bighorn sheep with a baby sheep.


Zion is calm and colorful – in every season. During spring, the green of the trees, red and white of the rocks and blue sky create a beautiful scenery.



wild deer

Don’t expect too many culinary choices while travelling through the Southwest, especially close to the national parks. There is most likely to be a Steakhouse, one fast food burger joint and a Mexican place. A lot of restaurants have similar menus with ever repeating dishes like burgers and steaks and a few choices of pasta. The one Italian place we went to was close to not edible.


At Zion, we tried a Mexican/American grill and were pleasantly surprised. They even had some vegetarian choices, including this breaded jalapeno…doesn’t it look weird? Even the swirlings cannot hide that. I ordered an avocado salad that even came with tofu. Tofu! I expected the worst but it was actually pretty tasty, with just a tad too much salt =) I was impressed.


March 25th-26th 2016

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