A little travel journal about travelling, exploring, getting lost and finding my way. And eating delicious food, of course.

To look beyond your own plate

is a German saying encouraging people to broaden their horizons and be brave to experience the foreign and unknown. In its literal sense, it can be perfectly applied to food. Trying a regions’s cuisine is like stepping into their culture. In a more figurative sense, the saying is about exploring and discovering the unfamiliar to gain wisdom and encourage tolerance. In my opinion, cultural understanding is the key to a peaceful coexistence of nations and peoples in today’s world. A lot of conflicts have their roots in the lack of knowledge and interest in other people’s believes. I believe that food shapes people as much as people shape their food. The way people eat can tell a lot about their environment, culture and mindset. I keep this little journal sharing what found its way onto my plate.

It may be a blessing or a curse but my sense of direction is indeed terrible. Leave it to me to get lost in my hometown, inside buildings and relying heavily on maps, modern technology and helpful strangers. But sometimes, finding a destination through an alternative route can be rewarding, too. A lot of photographs on this blog are about things that caught my eye in the streets. Those moments are what inspires me to travel and to explore (besides eating, of course…I’m hungry!).

Thank you for visiting my blog, enjoy yourself and I hope to give the travel bug to you, too!

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