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Every tourist ventures into the (in)famous Tretyakov Gallery, but there is also a modern art branch near Gorky Park. Beautiful artworks embedded in even more beautiful architecture.

New Tretyakov

There is also a model of Tatlin’s tower – an ambitious project that has never been realized. A structure of steel, iron and glass cut out to put the Eiffel tower to shame.

Tatlin’s tower – never built

yellow stools

Iron curtain

Throughout Moscow, there are houses turned museums of famous artists that can be pilgrimed to. Famous composer Scriabin’s home (header photo) displays his grand pianos, lots of paintings and insight into his life. Writer Bulgakov also has a museum dedicated to him.

Bulgakov Museum

Bulgakov Museum

If you seek something for your ears, Moscow also has you covered. While there is the well-known Bolshoi, there are plenty of other venues offering high-quality concerts.

Novaya Theater


August 17th – 24th, 2018

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