sunny afternoon in Frankfurt

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Here are a few photographs from a sunny afternoon in Frankfurt. Known for being a financial metropolis, home to the European Central Bank and only city in Germany with a skyline – sort of.

But spring is here (finally!) and a sunny day is the best reason to hit up the Main river banks. Right now, the plane trees are still bare, their gnarly branches reaching towards the sky.

plane trees and train tracks

into the air

A local favorite, get on the other side of the river and enjoy sprawled out grass and Meral Imbiss, a doner stand on a boat. How cool! The top deck is transformed into a Turkish restaurant, with sailor memorabilia and oriental glass lamps share the decor space. But the park benches and grass around the boat extend the restaurant into its environment.

opposite the Frankfurt skyline

Fitting for serving doner on a boat, they serve fish doner amongst other (even vegan) doner and dürüms.

gilthead döner

Hunger sated, onwards to Richard Meier‘s Museum Angewandte Kunst, a bright space typical for Meier’s architecture (see this post for a look at the Getty).

Museum Angewandte Kunst – Richard Meier

The exhibition shows the life work of Jil Sander, Northern German designer and businesswoman.

Jil Sander – Suit in Progress

patterns, fabrics, cuts

The amazing architecture of the building is just as stunning as the artwork displayed. Architecture is a form of applied art, after all. The spring sun really brings out the play of light and shadow.

white and shadows

walls and windows

spring is here


06th April 2018

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