Art and Industry in Schweinfurt – Germany

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Poor city of Schweinfurt with its unfortunate name – as scholar Friedrich Rückert already pointed out, it could have been Mainfurt (as the city lies on the banks of the river Main), Weinfurt (as the city is known for wine), but no, it would be Schweinfurt (pig ford).

Apart from its name, Schweinfurt struggles to present a more elegant side of the city as it is mostly known for heavy industry and its role during the wars. But as it was heavily protected during the second world war, most of the old town survived and the city has a lot more charme than its name would suggest. Also, the industry provides steady jobs and also birthes industrialists who are interested in art. Museum Georg Schäfer was born this way. It focuses on art from the 19th century from Germany (or German speaking regions).

Actually, the initial design of the museum was made by architect Mies van der Rohe but the design was rejected. But, as a twist of fate, the design was later adapted for the New National Gallery Berlin, so it did survive after all.

Museum Georg Schäfer

the original man-bun


lines in glass

leading lines

house of art


May 19th 2018

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