Venice is more than Pizza!


Most tourists eat pizza and pasta while in Venice, which are – of course, tasty, but maybe not that Venetian at all. Why not try some of the old school Venetian dishes?

First, grab some polenta. Actually a former poor man’s dish, polenta is now taken to new heights by shaping them into cakes, frying them or serving them in some other manner. Of course, fish is a popular food item amongst island dwellers. Many restaurants offer a range of different fish to choose from.

grilled fish with white polenta cake

Some other treasures from the sea presented in this pasta dish.

seafood pasta

It is also quite common to find dishes cooked in squid ink, like this plate of squid ink pasta turned artwork.

art with squid ink

Cicchetti might be the most iconic treats of Venice. Small portions of different goodies served with or on bread, paired with a drink. Lots of local love to eat them as an aperitif before dinner. Heavy on oil and flavor, fish dishes are again represented, as well as other (deep fried) seafood and pork bits with veggies. Popular veggies include potatoes, mustard greens and artichokes. The Venetian equivalent to Tapas.


more Cicchetti


While you are at it, add some Baccala mantecato to your order, rehydrated dried cod turned into a creamy mousse. Accompanied by bread or the ubiquitous polenta. A perfect appetizer.

Time for dessert! Try to resist all those pastries and cookies on display in the confectionaries. The Baicoli (dried biscuits perfect for dipping), the Fritole (fried dough for Venice Carnival), the Pan del Doge (sweat sticky bread made from flour, sugar, butter, eggs, dried figs, nuts, honey and milk).

Or maybe get a Tiramisù (meaning pick me up or cheer me up), an invention from Treviso, 30km from Venice. Le Beccherie claims the original recipe from the 1960s, but regardless of who invented it, it is here for us to enjoy!

Tiramisù – pick me up

There are other delicious things to eat in Venice, of course, but unfortunately I ran out of time to try everything. Next time…


October 26th – November 1st 2017

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