Venice – beautiful canals and streets

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This time around it is my second time in Venice. While most people love Venice and consider it the city of charm, romance and beautiful architecture. Personally, I feel like Venice lacks a soul. Venice nowadays is almost 100% tourism business, very few Venetians even live in town anymore.

But even though Venice is not my favorite city, one can still appreciate the beautiful architecture and historical significance of the city. Rivaling merchant families led to the impressive and opulent palazzi along the Canale Grande, best seen from a vaporetto.

beautiful Canale Grande



tourists going to the Bridge of Sighs

golden hour in Venice

Let’s also appreciate the narrow and shaded alleyways, revealing more of typical Venice architecture. Venice is a city for getting lost and wandering around.


colorful windows

beautiful door

red tones

green and reds


on the wall

Canale Grande

At last, a night stroll shows off the buildings, illuminated by soft yellow lights. Glowing, isn’t it…

from Academia – at night

October 26th – November 1st 2017

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