Art on the street – Venice


More Venice, more Biennale, more art. Arsenale and Giardini (the two main sites) are worth seeing, but don’t miss out the other spots all around town! Actually, you don’t even need to buy the ticket to the Biennale, the smaller venues in the city are free, how amazing is that! Plus, you get to explore alleys and streets and venture into some of the buildings to enjoy art.


near Arsenale – glass works

The Andorran pavilion displayes thousands of pottery bowls on the walls. If you get close enough, you can hear the ocean.

pottery for sound – Andorran Pavilion

Really enjoy the Mongolian pavilion, raising awareness of environmental issues. Overgrazing due to demands of the Cashmere industry has led to drought and the death of thousands of Cashmere goats. This artist transforms the skulls of those perished animals into artwork as a memorial to this tragic event.

Mongolian Pavilion – raising awareness

Mongolian Pavilion

The Iraqi pavilion is housed inside a beautiful palazzo.

going up to the Iraqi Pavilion

Impressed by the Azerbaijan pavilion, again emphasizing connections and traditions.

Pavilion of Azerbaijan

On another note, megaloartist Damien Hirst has two venues in Venice, the Punta della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi, both owned by a French billionaire. Ticket prices are quite hefty, but whatever his faults, Hirst knows how to stage and sell his art. Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable consists of artwork made to look like they came from the depth of the ocean. Most of the artwork is made to look old or covered in coral. Video installations in a documentary format show the priceless artwork being lifted onto a ship.

Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable – Damien Hirst

Punta della Dogana

at Palazzo Grassi

Medusa head – malachit stone

November 1st 2017

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