Views of Venice


Here is a collection of amazing views found in Venice.

looking at San Marco

Doge’s Palace seen from the Campanile

view of Venice

a bit of art

beautiful San Marco square

view from the Campanile

sunset in Venice

the same sunset

at night

Biennale everywhere

somewhere in Venice

light and shadow

Madonna with Child inside the San Francesco della Vigna, the only painting that proves the existence of 15th century painter Antonio da Negroponte. The painting is only illuminated if you throw 50ct into a little machine next to it.

painting of Madonna with child

On the vaporetto to San Michele, the cemetery island. Napoleon had his fingers in many pies, he is also responsible for the creation of this island. Russian composer Igor Stravinsky is buried here, as are some other famous people. There is an old part and a newer section by David Chipperfield.

San Michele – the cemetery


inside of the church

Ghetto/Getto – the former Jewish quarter – is also worth a visit. The word ghetto originates from here. Jews were relocated to the former foundry area: Getto in Italian. But to the Jewish people from Germany (and other places), getto got mispronounced to ghetto – thus evolving to the meaning it has today. A guided tour grants entry to several synagogues to reveal splendid marble and marmorino. It used to be forbidden for synagogues to have marble, so a lot of wall are covered in marmorino. Nowadays, marmorino is worth a lot more than marble…

inside a synagoge


October 26th – November 1st 2017

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