Giardini at Venice Biennale – pavilions of art


Biennale part two! After an amazing visit to Arsenale, it is time to tackle more art at Giardini. More national pavilions, more fun artworks.

La Biennale!

This year’s Golden Lion for best national pavilion goes to German artist Anne Imhof. Unfortunately, the pavilion lies empty on this day of visit.

German Pavilion – empty

no performance due to sickness at the German pavilion

Nevertheless, there are other great artworks to be seen. Korea really brings on the colors, questioning Korea’s Americanization.

Korean Pavilion

beautiful wooden panels

The French pavilion gets transformed into a music studio, the wooden ceiling and walls enclose the musicians and visitors, creating a little cocoon of sound. And how great is this ceiling?!

French Pavilion

Nordic Pavilion

Scandinavian Countries

More and more highlights pop up, some not really understandable, some with questionable tastes. Anyways, by the end of the day we are tired, art-dead and blinded by art.

Hungarian Pavilion


October 29th 2017

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