Palácio da Bolsa – splendor for stocks in Porto

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great hall of the stock exchange palace

The Palácio da Bolsa can only be visited with a guided tour, available in various languages, but depending on the language, there may be longer waits.

The tour starts in the “great hall” which is just getting ready for an evening event. The afternoon light throws pretty patterns onto the walls and ceiling.

preparing for an event

chandeliers and bulls eyes

The tour continues with various other rooms in dark wooden tones (which is actually painted plaster) with big chandeliers and a lot of displayed portraits. The highlight is definitely the Arab room at the end of the tour with opulent decor and intricate glass lamp. It is built in an era when oriental and foreign influences could be found in a lot of European architecture (compare to this building).

Arab room

stained glass


September 20th 2017

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