queuing for a Harry Potter bookstore and the battle of tourists – Lello Bookstore in Porto

architecture, Europe

storefront of Lello Bookstore

One of the most famous attractions in Porto is the Lello Bookshop which is said to have inspired the Hogwarts staircase. No proof, but the rumor is enough to keep business soaring. Definitely a beautiful setting for a bookstore and designed to enhance the experience of book buying.

Nowadays, though, it is the most touristy of tourist attractions. the longest queues of any sight in Porto, the meanest tourist fights for the perfect shot, the longest wait for just getting an entrance ticket (which you have to buy at another bookshop). All in all, it is perhaps worth seeing it, but not a comfortable book shopping experience in any sense. The only reason people consider buying things is for souvenir reasons and because the entrance ticket is a voucher for the shop. No relaxed reading before buying anything, though.

magic staircase

lamps and glass ceiling

beautiful curves


September 20th 2017

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