where they harvest salt and pepper – Kampot and seaside, Cambodia

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salt fields, unfortunately ruined by rain – but makes for a nice photo

Probably the most popular thing to do in Kampot, enjoy the more agricultural side of Cambodia. The area around Kampot and also Kep (a cute fishermen’s village) is famous for salt and pepper production. Salt for themselves, pepper also for the international market. Salt can only be produced during dry season, and the early rainfalls are already destroying the last batches of salt.

Prized as a product with geographical indication (similar to bordeaux wines), pepper also has a long history in this province said to be dated back to the 13th century. And of course, an authentic steak au poivre asks for Kampot pepper. Combining to famous products from this region, pepper crab is a popular dish to try, fresh from the crab market or one of the many shacks close by.

banana crown

cover to protect the pepper plants from the sun

pepper plantation

more leaves

Indonesian long pepper

Both a scenic ride through the beautiful landscapes and a kind of educational visit, most tours go to one of the pepper plantation to sample some pepper and maybe try some pepper-seasoned food. White, green, red and black as well as Indonesian long pepper to choose from, a wide variety is offered. My personal favorite is the salted fresh pepper, tastes so refreshing and has a nice kick to it.

crab traps

Buzzing and vibrant, the crab market in Kep is quite an adventure for your sense of smell and tastebuds. Packed with anything related to crab, fish or seafood, vendors, food stalls, some tourists, locals.

shaded crab market – notice the lady swatting away flies with a DIY tool

expressive lady

baby octopus and grilled fish

Back im Kampot, the best part for me is the abundance of good food. A really refined foodscene with more international and local restaurants than one would expect from lazy Kampot. A real feel-good weekend. Perfect start into a sunny day with a veggie panini and a scone for my sweet tooth along with a soothing lemongrass tea with just the right amount of freshness, all available at Epic Arts Café.

breakfast feast with lemongrass tea, sandwich and scone

The highlight meal during my time in Kampot, three times comfort food, please! Tomato soup, sweet potato fries and a taste of mackerel quenelles at Twenty Three.

tomato soup and sweet potato fries with some mackerel quenelles

Although the best thing to get in Kampot is probably breakfast. Many many options: like how good does Ellie’s Veggie Has and Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie sound? Awesome!

potato fry with poached egg


April 28th – 30th 2017


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