Off to 上海 // Shanghai and the joy of small things

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I’m off to Shanghai! With me, thousands of other people.

China is always full of people, at least in the eastern parts of the country. But especially so just before New Year. Waiting in line is a common pastime, as is waiting in general. As seen and done here.


going to Shanghai via train


train station in Anhui Province


people waiting for their train


waiting for a journey

During my time in the city, I won’t make it to Nanjing Rd, neither to Renmin Square or Yuyuan Garden. I also miss Disneyland and the Maglev as well as the Shanghai Museum. All things recommended on Tripadvisor and other sites. (I have seen all those things except for Disneyland before, though).

Shanghai still has a lot of other parts to explore, and although I have also been to the French Concession before, I still wander back from time to time. Cute houses and stuff.


French Concession

Maybe the chains of most beautiful bookstores in the area, 钟书阁 // Zhong Shu Ge book store scores lots of brownie points with modern and clean interior. Hangzhou and Thames Town are also blessed by their presence.


钟书阁 book store in Réel Mall, Jing An District


interior of book store


mirrored ceiling


sea escargots


scallops on glass noodle nest and garlic sauce


steamed fish

What is Shanghai without eating out? I don’t have a lot of footage but here is some instagram-worthy lobster. Ha! Apparently this seafood restaurant is a former go-to for officials, hence featuring a large entrance hall and driveway. Since that’s no longer encouraged, those restaurants have to think outside the box to compete with other, more efficient and less fussy rivals. Makes for cheap and quite tasty seafood.


lobster with garlic sauce

The Bund. Of course. Still, I am more familiar with the Pudong side of the river. Less cafés and less tourists, but also less continuity. Which makes it less attractive for a long Huangpu River walk. But still, skyline in the back and glowing Puxi in the front, life is all good.


I love Shanghai at Bund


Oriental Pearl Tower

January 2nd – January 8th 2017

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