Food in Tokyo – worth the wait

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For any food place that is a bit more popular and well-known in Tokyo, be prepared to stand in line. Best bet is to go at odd times in between meal times and just expect to wait for a while. Other than that, delicious food is waiting for you! Noodles are a favorite of mine, be it the more traditionally Japanese soba (buckwheat noodles) or the more Chinese inspired ramen, they are comfort in a bowl. There are lots of really good noodle places, so take your pick and enjoy.

If it needs to be quick and filling, gyoza are a solid pick every time. A lot of restaurants offer gyoza with the standard meat filling but specialized places will offer a wide variety of different fillings – even dessert ones.

Tonkatsu – a breaded and then deep-fried pork cutlet – was invented in Tokyo as a Japanese interpretation of European cuisine but has since taken over Japanese cuisine. Served with sesame paste, shredded daikon and a sweet tonkatsu sauce, it is often accompanied with shredded cabbage to soak up all the oil. Katsukura even lets you grind your own sesame paste for fun. Tonkatsu Maisen, another very popular chain due to its reasonable prices offers a wide variety of different types and cuts of pork. Their takeaway shop also sells tonkatsu sandwiches and the likes but they do sell out quickly.

December 24th – January 4th, 2018/2019

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