Exploring Ueno and Asakusa – beautiful spots


Home to several national museums and major temples, there is no shortage of culture in Ueno (上野). Shinobazu pond is also one of the few flecks of water inside the city (not counting the ocean), home to beautiful Bentendo temple (see header). Ueno park is also not to be missed, the colors on a sunny day are simply stunning.

Asakusa (浅草) feels young and lively and is one of the more budget-friendly places to stay atin Tokyo. There are tons of places to visit, including the Senso-ji temple where a sea of people moves through the temple during the first few days of the new year for prayers and blessings. But because this is Asia, the nearby street food market and food stalls won’t get left out! Food here is significantly cheaper than in some other districts in Tokyo (like Ginza). Other than that, Kappabashi street with all its kitchenware for sale is a worthwile trip, as is Tokyo Sky Tree for a spectacular view of Tokyo if you have some cash to spare (pricey!).

December 24th – January 4th, 2018/2019

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