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Although the Markthal is obviously a bit of a tourist trap and a bit more expensive than the same food elsewhere, it is convenient to eat there if you are there to see the architecture anyway. La Picada is a nice family business serving Chilean food.

a tasty Sopaipilla from la Picada

This is a true Rotterdam classic: the Kapsalon (meaning hair salon in Dutch), created when hairdresser Nathaniël Gomes from Rotterdam and neighboring shawarma store El Aviva created threw in all of Gomes’ favorite ingredients into a take-out container. As a result, a healthy dose of fries, döner meat, grilled gouda cheese and some greens are all part of this caloric bomb.

a Rotterdam classic – Kapsalon

On the other side of the river, Fenix Food Factory is another small indoor food location very hipster very much like this.

Fenix Food Factory

A highlight of the eating experience in Rotterdam (or the Netherlands in general) is trying Surinamese food. Surinam is a former Dutch colony in South America, but its food is an amalgam of Javenese, Dutch, African, Chinese and Creole cuisine. Warung Mini in Witte de Withstraat is a good place to start dipping your toes into this food adventure. A must try is the Saoto Soep (Chicken Soup with Krispies).

Saoto Soep – Surinaam tasties

This looks heavily influenced by Indonesian food, there is tempeh, bami goreng style noodles and the omnipresent fried egg. Rich curry stews carry Indian flavors and the veggies show a touch of Chinese. The header shows a beef stew with roti dish that is absolutely delicious, and filling! So start slowly then work your way through the menu.

a mixed platter of just so much food!

The price is another definite plus, everything is really affordable, especially the Surinaams Broodjes, a white bread sandwich with a filling of your meat of choice (or tofu, tempeh etc.) and pickled or fresh vegetables. It is the cousin of the Bánh mì, which is also a colonial dish.

Tempeh and Green Beans Broodje from Tijn’s Exotische Broodjes in Amsterdam

Vegetarian Pom Broodje – Pom is a Creole/Jewish fusion dish made from a root vegetable

The Hotel New York is a historical spot known for good food and good ambience, though it is certainly not a secret. The Holland America Lines had their offices in this building, and the ocean liners to New York left here. Now there is a restaurant inside these walls, and a fine dining spot in the basement. Prices are not as high as I would have guessed, and they have special lunch offers. Plus the service is impeccable.

Bread with croquette, a very Dutch thing to do: spread the croquette onto the bread and eat it together, yum!

at the New York Hotel

This one, not so Dutch:

Vitello Tonnato

Off to a very traditional and cute establishment – Het Eethuisje van Delfshaven. The owner is a very sweet lady, the costumers regulars, no tourists in sight. We are well cared for and well fed, just like from a Dutch mother’s kitchen: some meat, some veggies and the ever present potatoes.

at the Eethuisje – traditional food cooked by a very friendly lady


February 28th – March 3rd/March 30th 2018

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