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Museum an de Stroom

Supposedly this museum at the river Scheldt is a piece of postmodern Art Deco architecture. the MAS (Museum an de Stroom) sits right between the old city and the modern additions like the Eilandje or Zaha Hadid’s creation.

The red bricks and curved aqua-colored glass resembles the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg a lot, doesn’t it? But really they were comissioned around the same time (although one has only recently been finished) so it’s likely a current trend.

looking a lot like the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg

Note the nod to the legend behind Antwerp’s name of Silvius Brabo cutting of the giant’s hand and throwing it away, thus the little hands on the outside walls of the building.

rotating design

It houses a museum, a small part of it is even free of charge. What is even more amazing, the access to the rooftop viewing platform is also free! Elevators lead you up in circles (or squares) with a 90° turn on each floor, leading up to number ten. The view shows old and new Antwerp on either side and is definitely worth the freezing cold trek to this spot! The only downside is that Zaha Hadid’s building is hidden from view by some chunky highrises in the direct line of sight. Landscape planning not well executed.

wavy glass

street art

looking onto old Antwerp

beautiful sky

windmills and the new islands – three highrises blocking the view of Zaha Hadid’s building

Zaha Hadid’s clash of old and new


February 27th 2018

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