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El Pimpi in central Málaga is one of those places that is both iconic and touristic, run down by locals and tourists alike, the sheer opposite to an insider’s tip or hidden gem. It’s fame stems from the historic significance of the place and also the long history of celebrity guests. The food is quite good, albeit maybe not quite worth the hustle and rush of the experience.

braised ox tail with leek ash and Málaga wine sauce at El Pimpi

Other good restaurants include several run by the same owner, each with a slightly different name of something-Cervantes. They are slightly different, but also serve dishes that are exactly or almost the same. Dishes come in tapa-sized, half a portion or one portion with different price tags. Here are dishes from two of the restaurants and thus quite a few items from the menu. In general the food is really tasty although the salt is distributed unevenly, leaving mouthfuls way too salty or kind of bland. On a side note, the owner is quite an unfriendly fellow, but I guess his business is going really well and he does not lack customers.

fried shrimp

Octopus is quite difficult to get just right, this one lacks just a bit of flavor but is quite tender.

pulpo and potato

The mushrooms with artichokes and asparagus dish is delicious (due to the fact that it is drenched in olive oil).

mushroom and asparagus with lots of olive oil

Lamb stew with couscous

This is one of the prettier flamenquíns that I have seen, a roll of Serrano (or in this case, Ibérico) ham with Manchego cheese wrapped in pork (or Ibérico) loin, egg batter and breadcrumbs and deep fried. Most calories for your buck. This dish from Córdoba is said to be named after the hair color of the Flemish soldiers that came with Charles V.


Everyone seems to be getting huge plates of these meatballs in tomato sauce. They taste really good, but are still just meatballs, so what is the deal with those?

meatballs in tomato sauce

An Ibérico pork loin with pumpkin and pineapple sauce. The Ibérico is tender and melt in your mouth.

Ibérico and pumpkin

For those with a sweet tooth: trying desserts made with Málaga wine is a good way to try this typical drink without actually having to drink it (I am not a big wine person).

Fig flan and Málaga wine

Here is another round of tapas at a different location of the same “brand”. The food is similar to the other spot. Same problem with the salt distribution but all in all great dishes.

squid with black rice

You can get slices of Ibérico ham everywhere in this region, but this platter is particularly tasty.

Ibérico ham with asparagus and artichokes

fried calamari with lemon

mushroom and pumpkin risotto


For dessert, I would recommend Nonna Ice Cream for some helado artesanal in


December 27th – 30th 2017

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