Road trip to Ronda


A road trip to Ronda is a good way to admire the Andalusian scenery and see the sun light up gaunt olive trees and barren grasslands. At the end of the trip, Ronda awards you with a stunning view down the gorge on which the city is built. The puente viejo and puente nuevo (old and new bridge) connect the parts on different side of the cliffs. A good way to see different perspectives is to start down the little trail to see puente nuevo from below and then follow the path up into town. View from the bridge itself is also nice as you look directly into the gorge.

looking at Puente Nuevo

on the hiking trail

overlooking El Tajo

restaurant with view over the gorge

white houses on the cliff

small town vibes

It is oddly satisfying to wander around the little town, looking at the white architecture and cute buildings. The town is also home of the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain, so it has some historical significance, too.


play of shadows

bright sunny day

white architecture


December 30th 2017

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