view Porto


looking onto Porto and Gaia

Porto and Gaia (the city on the other side of the river Douro) have many hills and structures from which one can snag a passable view. The Porto Clock Tower is one of them, the area around the cathedral another. The bridge designed by Eiffel (the Eiffel Tower guy) offers a view of Porto and Gaia both. In Gaia, the round monastery on a prominent hill offers a high-up view.

Eiffel bridge

portwine cellars and small boats


at night

A night stroll in Porto is a must for any visit. The best view is the well-lit city as seen from the double-decker bridge. Or take your McDonald’s meal to the next level like a certain young man we saw: sticking out his legs from between the railings and dangling them high above the black water, enjoying his fries with the spectacular view of the twin cities. A magnified candle-light dinner, so to speak.


September 19th – 25th 2017

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