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A lot of my posts about Cambodia are serious but this one is so much fun! At least for a foodie like me. Maybe a bit surprising for travellers, but Phnom Penh is a paradise for any lover of food. Authentic dishes at reasonable prices offer variety to the palate and lots of awesome-looking treats. Eating my way through the city!

Japanese cuisine is a favorite amongst locals for a night out with many restaurants to choose from. Kobe beef melting on my tongue and good fish on rice bowls. My favorite ramen place is a little hole in the wall called Bekkan Ramen on St 334. Unfortunately, the opening times are pretty random, so good luck!

Kobe beef

eel rolls

Korean dessert


Of course, Asian cuisine is pretty easy to get, and neighboring countries like Thailand and Vietnam are ever-present. Bummer it’s more expensive than in the original countries, though.

Taste Budz in BKK1 (St 282 near St 51) is a much praised spot and offers great South Indian cuisine such as curries and serves a great chai. For breakfast, try dosas at Dosa Corner on St 51, they were a treat!

paneer masala

yummy potato dosas

Za’atar at Arome near the National Museum

Middle-Eastern cuisine, anyone? Lebanese restaurants are good for breakfast or a quick meal. Don’t know what Za’atar is? I did not either but now I know. It’s delicious!  Wraps are also convenient and a great option for vegetarians.

falafel wrap at Hummus House at the riverside

tacos, fusion style but a bit disappointing

Tacos in Cambodia? And not only once, but twice! Cocina Cartel has good classic ones. Taco Kokopelli is much more hyped but not worth the fuzz, I think. The tacos are dry and it is a bad sign if even the waitress does not know which tacos she is just serving.

tacos round two – Cocina Cartel

pesto twist

The Java Café next to the independence monument! Café and art gallery as one, so A+ for ambience. And the food, oh the food! I want to have the entire menu please, and their pastries are divine. Yum!

The next one is a spot I recommend to everyone who wants to hear it or not: the Elephant Bar at Raffles Hotel, a five-star luxury hotel with historial importance housing important foreign nationals since 1929. I don’t usually dwell in such prestigious locations but the four-hour long happy-hour makes a cocktail around $5 and thus affordable. They give you free snacks, too! The peppered banana chips were out of this world. Admire the wonderful interior design and watch those riches in suits and party dresses. I’m here in flip-flops! Kudos to the attentive staff treating everyone like VIPs. Once in a while, it is okay to treat yourself to something special and escape all the Phnom Penh madness. Don’t forget the National Library next door, a beautiful French colonial building.

entry to the Elephant Bar at the Raffles Hotel

all that booze

interior design at its best

cocktail and snacks

Last but not least, French cuisine. Due to historical ties, French food is easy to find and often quite good. Tucked away in an alleyway, Bistro Langka is a true gem for a special night out. Run by a french chef, the interior is beautiful, the food well-presented and cooked to perfection. Worth the slightly higher price (it is still a lot cheaper than in France).

Bistro Langka

duck breast and fries

Miss the local food? Don’t worry, I have a post on that too.


April 1st – May 6th 2017


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