Classically beautiful Berlin – it exists too!


So the last post goes on and on about rugged, edgy, raw Berlin. This one is an ode to all the seriously beautiful gems. Kudos to the capital!

Surreal in the morning sun, the marble corridor of the Wilmersdorf cemetery offers a true sanctuary for some quiet moments. May all the souls rest in peace.

beautiful corridor of the Wilmersdorf cemetery

peaceful and quiet spot in the midst of Berlin

Onwards to another memorial to souls gone, a project to remember victims and soldiers of the Balkan War in the Museum for European Cultures. A bit outside the usual route of Berlin, visit for a quick stroll around university campus.

project “1000 cloths”

on the museum island

This is no secret spot. Tourist Mecca and picknick hotspot. The Museum Island is one of the most frequented places by visitors, but a favorite amongst locals as well. And who is a real local in Berlin anyways? I can’t believe I have never been to any of the museums during any of the trips to Berlin! Time to rectify that! But somehow one museum closed, one under restauration, one robbed of their best collector’s piece. A 100kg-gold-coin rolled out of the museum like a cheese wheel. Quote of the thief via youtube…strange things happen these days.

dramatic lighting


TV tower in the distance

national gallery


reflection of the Bode Museum

mirrored room in the Bode Museum

March 2017

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  1. Love the reflection photos. They look like an art form on their own. Do you have more to post? Thank you for your blog…I am definitely in tune with the contemplative nature of your work.

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