Worms and Tiny Birds


Worms – which has nothing to do with the invertrebrate – is a city in Germany that held significant power during the medieval times. Together with Speyer and Mainz (also known as SCHUM-cities), it was one of the cornerstones of Jewish culture and education. Its importance to Christianity is proven by the existence of one of the three so-called Rhenish Imperial Cathedrals (the other two are in Speyer and Mainz…not a coincidence). Imperial Cathedrals are cathedrals linked to the Holy Roman Empire, all three of the Rhenish ones are built (mostly) in the Romanesque style.

Other important figures linked to the city are Martin Luther (see this post) and the legendary figures of the Nibelung saga. It is rumored that the name Worms is inspired by Siegfried slaying a lindworm, so maybe it does actually have something to do with the worm afterall. Anyways, you can find several colorful dragons (aka lindworms) displayed throughout the city on the lookout for any slayers.


the Imperial Cathedral with lots of animals on the lookout






Expect many other Romanesque churches in Worms, this one is named St. Andrew’s and has a really beautiful cloistered courtyard.


Look at what I found in a tiny alcove in on of  the courtyard’s walls: a nest with three little chicks! One of them stuck out its head while the parents were gone looking for food (the early bird…).



another Romanesque church


Worms is also home to the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe with the oldest tombstone dating from the 11th century. The synagoge is equally worth a visit.




This garden is located in the backyard of another Romanesque church.


June 18th 2016

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