Japanese fireworks in Düsseldorf



Museum Kunstpalast

Thanks to its large Japanese community, Japan Day is a yearly celebration of Japanese culture that attracts tons of visitors. Mekka for fans of all things manga, anime and video games, it offers a platform for people to interact, to cheer, to have a good time. Lots of young people participate in cosplay and represent their favorite characters. I have never seen so many Pikachus in my life!

The atmosphere was joyful and there were “free hugs” given at every corner. Booths were selling merchandize and offering photoshoots in kimonos. Street food options included ramen, gyoza, chicken teriyaki and potato fritters. The latter were very much German.

Several stages provided with entertainment such as live music, dancing, martial arts performances and discussion about various topics relating to Japan.

We attended the opening of an exhibition by Jakub Woynarowski in the Polish Institute. The Polish graphic artist incorporated quintessentially Japanese symbols such as the red circle into his artwork.


The highlight of the weekend is always the firework on the banks of the river Rhine. Secure a good spot beforehand!


May 21st 2016

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