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Honestly, I didn’t really think I would like Las Vegas. I don’t drink, don’t gamble, what the hell was I supposed to do there? Turns out, Las Vegas was one of the most exciting, fascinating places I have been. Somehow, a row of coincidences and minor details in history have birthed the world’s largest gambling hole and party city. Las Vegas is somehow other, a twisted interpretation of all things American: bigger, brighter, better applies 100%.

If you don’t only care about spending your money but want to unravel some of the cities history, I would suggest the Neon Museum. Prior booking is compulsory and visits are only allowed with a tour guide. Expect to see bright neon signs up close and listen to their tales, telling the one of Las Vegas.

If you want more, the Mob Museum covers another aspect of the casinos and life in the past.


Fremont Street houses the historical casinos complete with a zipline spanning across it, a more charming and cozier version of the Strip. Don’t forget to check out the Container Park and street art.



container park


Las Vegas aims to please. It is about fun, about pleasure. I don’t think there is another city so focused on entertainment and consumerism. I mean, they don’t really have “real” sights. The hotels are the sights, and the casinos, and the wedding chapels, and the restaurants, and the shows. What money can buy, Las Vegas can get you.

Competition is tough, and hotels are vying for your attention with flashy neon signs, blinking billboards and free 3D monumental ads in the form of zoos, shows, a replica of the Eiffel tower, Venetian gondolas, fountains and vulcanos.

Las Vegas is a giant rollercoaster and everyone wants to go on one hell of a fun ride. (They do have a rollercoaster, at New York, New York)

Out of the 15 largest hotels (in number of rooms), almost all are located on the Strip with a couple of thousand rooms each! Where do all those people come from? There are hundreds of hotels in Las Vegas, hell, the city consists of hotels. Walking the streets, people are cheery, newlyweds, newly-turned-21 and stag parties with huge brightly colored drinks. And people at slot machines, at poker tables…anyone entering Las Vegas seems to leave behind any worries and daily duties. Las Vegas is about fun.



Caesar’s Palace


volcano at The Mirage and Venetian





Denny’s Diner


Other fun aspects (and ways to spend your money) is shopping and eating. Three outlets are in close vicinity of the city, adding to countless flagship stores and souvenir shops. Every hotel has multiple restaurants and food courts (Luxor had three Starbucks), every bigger hotel has a buffet. The most famous ones are at Wynn, Caesar’s Palace and Bellagio. Cost: $50-100, or more.

In Las Vegas, one should indulge.


buffet at Luxor

Most of the time, I walked around and into the hotels amazed and dazzled. So much splendour and decadence it is insane. Las Vegas is a single huge lightbulb.


March 19th-20th 2016

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