Los Angeles – Hollywood Glamour?

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For a city praised in so many movies and songs, LA slightly disappointed me. Maybe I had unrealistic expectations, but Los Angeles turned out to be a city you hear so many things about and then, when you finally experience it for yourself, you think: Oh and that’s all? So that’s what it is actually like?

Maybe it was just the wrong city for me, I am not that interested in movies and stars, so Hollywood and the Walk of Fame held little of interest for me.


What I enjoyed was Griffith Observatory, it had interesting exhibitions and the guides were really helpful and friendly. The Hollywood Sign, on the other hand, is a PR gag.


Muscle Beach is a hotspot for people looking for all kinds of activities. Boxing right at the beach, surfing, dancing, skating and what not. I saw a tiny white-haired lady posing with two bulky dark-skinned bodybuilders. All three of them were having the time of their life.


San Gabriel just outside LA is a mostly Chinese community, it truly feels like being in Shanghai with all its Chinese shopping malls and restaurants. Decor and service are exactly like in China, as is the food.


In East Hollywood, Thaitown awaits you with authentic Thai cuisine. The seafood soup was a must, almost every table had one of those, and it indeed was delicious.Other dishes were also decent.



Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA


Probably my favorite spot in LA – Getty Museum. It is free (I like) and is housed in a cool modern complex complete with a beautiful garden. Everything was drenched in light and the view of the city added a big plus to the location.


March 15th-17th 2016

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