Have some Wine in Würzburg

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Würzburg Residence

The Residence in Würzburg (Bavaria, but really Lower Franconia in Germany) is a palace in the baroque style, so count in a number of ostentatious ornaments as well as lots of marble and gold in your face. Not really my favorite but nonetheless impressive.


The whole purpose of this building might be to show off how manly and powerful those 18th century gentlemen were. A giant fresco covers the entire ceiling above the grand staircase (677m²/7287 square feet). Aside from admiring the art, get a guide book to read about the depicted elements, it makes it much more interesting and ridiculous.

Don’t miss out on its chapel for more bling bling for your eyes.

Other than that, walk around the old town around the market square to enjoy what Würzburg has to offer: probably churches and wine.


Go to “Alte Mainbrücke” (Old Main Bridge) to enjoy a glass of wine on the river Main. We went in the afternoon and it was packed with people standing outside just chatting, sipping wine and enjoying themselves. In February!






IMG_6991 Pano

view from Festung Marienberg


Lastly, if you are interested in science, go check out the place where Conrad Röntgen invented X-Rays in 1895.


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