thirsty in Monaco



view stepping outside of the train station

Stepping outside the train station in Monaco Monte-Carlo, I was greeted with a gorgeous view over the harbour. And heat. Skipping breakfast in order to catch the earlier train turned out to be a giant mistake. Surely there would be something to eat on the way to the old town? No sight of anything edible all the way down to the harbour, where a lone little stand offered some crêpes and waffles. Instead, there was a free swimming pool directly located in front of the piers. Have to get my priorities straight, I guess…


Monte-Carlo to the left, Monaco-Ville to the right



 In the old town, I bought an overpriced sandwich that was so dry I could not finish it. Unfortunately, it was Sunday meaning that all the supermarkets were closed. In a country that rich, nobody really needs to make a living selling stuff to tourists.

It did not look that far from Monaco-Ville to Monte-Carlo on the map, I mean, Monaco has 2km² in total, how far can it be? I didn’t factor in the many stairs and climbs, though. And the heat was getting to me. My water bottle was soon empty and I couldn’t find a place to refill it or buy a new one. Well, maybe in the touristy area of Monte-Carlo? After asking around for a bit, finally, a bottle of water (0,5l) for €4.

Despite all that, I still loved Monaco. It was calm, quiet, clean and beautiful. Plus I really like small states (Andorra…).








Café de Paris

 The Casino in Monte-Carlo is one of the most famous in the world and definitely one of the most beautiful. Sadly, no pictures were allowed inside the Casino. Rows of slot machines looked oddly out of place next to marble and golden chandeliers. Tourists were trying their luck at one of the machines or at the blackjack/poker table, surrounded by other tourists. I couldn’t even figure out how to work the machines properly and next thing I know, my whole stake was gone (€2,50).


Casino Monte-Carlo





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