Dadaocheng (大稻埕) and Dihua Street (迪化街) – a walking tour of Taipei

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The history of Dadaocheng Area and the prosperous Dihua Street is deeply intertwined with all of the ruling Nations Taiwan ever had. The government tries hard to preserve the area and reviving old crafts like basket making, tea processing, the trade of dried goods and medicinal ingredients. Small museums also highlight important aspects of life in the area.

New Shoes – an analysis of a brand name and logo in China


I’m sure that you know what brand is referred to in this post by the featured imagine above this post. I won’t mention any specific name, but feel free to look up the name and logo on their website. It’s quite sad, really, but I have enough pictures of various interpretations of this brand logo/name to put together a little top ten ranging from sorry to ridiculous. The Chinese seem pretty oblivious, or they just adapt their usual ignore-all-attitude.