The highs and lows of Tapas in Seville!

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Almost every bar and restaurant in Andalusia serves Tapas as it may or may not have originated in Seville. It is said that a tapa (lid, cover) of bread and ham slices was used to cover the sherry in order to keep flies away from the drink and also to increase thirst and thus alcohol sales. Here, anything in a small portion can be considered a tapa, and although there are classic dishes that most restaurants serve, other dishes vary from restaurant to restaurant.

Quality and taste can also differ drastically. Our first try was a restaurant by the road, a we-are-really-hungry-lets-pick-the-first-thing-stop. The food, unfortunately, was really bad. Even the fact that most of it was fried did not cover the poor execution of fish or meat dishes. The mushy stuff was mostly flavorless.

fried stuff and mushy stuff

We also tried the Samorejo, a cold thick soup from Córdoba that consists of tomatoes, bread, oil and garlic and served with ham. With such basic ingredients, one might think that not much could go wrong, but it was a very disappointing affair, to say the least.

three cold potato dishes and Samorejo

After that disastrous meal, we put some effort into finding a better option the next day and found a really nicely reviewed tapas bar named Bar Agustin and Company in Calle Álvarez Quintero. Service was quick, presentation miles better and food was awesome. They have all the classics but also more creative and modern choices. So enjoy this selection of high quality tapas!

Tuna steak

goat’s cheese and mango purée

fried sardines

Octopus and Galician potatoes

cheese and meat croquettes

This dish of duck liver and caramelized figs was so good that we ordered another plate!

duck foie with caramelized figs


December 25th – 27th 2017

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