New Year’s Celebration at Roppongi Hills and stunning views

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Famous for wild nightlife, Roppongi is still worth a trip during the day. Roppongi Hills is a multi-use complex complete with gardens and an open-air space for events. It is also home to the Mori museum which is definitely worth a visit for any art lover. The observation deck is right next to the museum and a much better value-for-money option for a view of Tokyo and Mount Fuji compared to the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Roppongi Hills

sandstone and blues

Taiko performance

Mori Art Museum

depicting a tsunami

interactive artwork

views from Roppongi Hills observation deck

looking down onto Roppongi Hills Residences

Shinjuku skyline

technically not in Roppongi, a café in Aoyama (青山), one of the poshest neighborhoods in Tokyo

January 3rd, 2019

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