divine foodie delights in Kyoto

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For a relaxing break, Yudofu Sagano in Arashiyama is the perfect way to sample elaborate dishes in a beautiful setting – looking out into bamboo groves and zen gardens. Ten courses centered around the famous tofu simmered in broth. Sophisticated, subtle flavors and impeccable presentation are traces of a thousand years of imperial court cuisine. A feast for eyes and tastebuds both!

pickled eggplant at Yudofu in Arashiyama

10 little courses – poached egg, pickled fish, sesame tofu, konjaki with yuzu-miso and a pot of heavenly tofu in the background

some very sophisticated tempura vegetables

Japanese flag in a dessert, soy pudding with strawberry jam

Shabu-shabu – a type of hotpot – can be found anywhere in Japan, but the first restaurant was opened 1948 in Kyoto. All-you-can-eat places are great for larger appetites, whereas the made-to-order type of restaurant usually offer better types of beef but come with a heftier pricetag.

tofu skin in savory broth – delightful

shabu shabu beef at Shabusen

all you can eat shabu shabu

While in Kyoto, it is easy to take advantage of the proximity of tea-producing areas such as Uji. Matcha desserts and green tea specialties are ubiquitous and usually of high quality. Pure delight!

matcha ice cream

Japanese tea and tea dessert

a matcha latte – comfort in a cup on a cold day

December 24th – January 4th, 2018/2019

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