Grand Opera Houses for Grand Music


For such a small city, Bayreuth has not one but two excellent concert houses. The baroque Margravial Opera House is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and its interior design is mighty impressive.

Margravial Opera House

opera interior

splendid architecture

light and shadows

Wagner’s Villa Wahnfried where he says his mania came to peace

No other composer is as connected to Bayreuth as Richard Wagner, persona extravaganza and possibly a genius madman. Very controversial for his political views and for being a chronic overspender and megalomaniac, he nonetheless blessed Bayreuth with a unique concert house, built only to give home to his operas each summer.

genius or madman

Opera House of the Bayreuth Festival

opera house from the inside

While the Margravial Opera House is opulent in typical baroque style, Wagner’s Festspielhaus is built in the style of bigger, higher, better. The large hall houses approximately two thousand spectators and has tall columns on the sides and a large stage. Another special feature is the completely hidden orchestra pit with an unintended but unique sound distribution system.

the bigger the better


May 20th, 2018

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