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I already did a post on Belgian food, but because it is all so yummy, here is another one. Let’s talk fries: The fritkop (a fries stand) at Flagey and the Maison Antoine near the European quarter are high-ranking within the fries-conaisseur community. Both were good, the Flagey fries are a lot more messy to eat because the sauce (and lots of sauce) is put directly onto the bag of fries, but they have a better variety of sauces IMO.

Maison Antoine is iconic with frequent long queues, those are some good fries! Cheap and high in calories. The temperatures below zero make the experience a bit less enjoyable to eat outside, but it also makes the queue a lot less long.

stalls with waffles all over Brussels

One thing I did not eat last time was waffles, or gaufres in French. There are different types of waffles, the two most common being waffles Brussels-style and the Liège-style ones. Brussels-style waffles have a rectangular shape and are made with a soft batter, resulting in a rather soft texture. Liège-style waffles are oval-shaped and made from leavened dough with coarse sugar bits inside. They come smothered in some type of glaze and/or butter and are a lot more rich and sweet.

This shown store had a long queue but was just okay. I would suggest going to a high quality waffles shop and skipping the toppings, a really good gaufre does not need any toppings to cover up the flavor. And frankly, it is a sugar-rush experience as it is.

smoshed with chocolate – Liège style

Belgians love talking about beer, they love drinking beer, and they love buying beer as well. Beer Planet is a good address to try out some unusual varieties and maybe get some souvenirs.

Belgians love Beer

To combat the cold, frequent warm-up stops have to be strategically places throughout the day. Teas and hot chocolates save the day any day. This one is made with a large chunk of real chocolate and is sweet and rich, perfect for winter.

rich hot chocolate with real chocolate at Scott’s Bar

The little tea shop we chose is closing but recommends the bar a few streets down that serves some of their teas. Warm and cozy but more of a beer place.

another break to warm up ourselves – Ramdam bar

Eating out in Belgium is very expensive, so cheap alternatives are much needed. The sandwich shop l’Entracte is located just outside the BOZAR museum and offer a good selection of sandwiches and toasts for little money.

affordable and filling – sandwich from l’Entracte

This other sandwich is a fancy one from the hipster shop Native in Antwerp. A lot of buck for a little bit of sandwich. Still hungry afterwards, so no to that.

hipster café in Antwerp – good money for not so much food

Another not so successful meal at Fin du Siècle, another recommended restaurant, but the menu is all over the place and the price is too high for what it is. This vegan moussaka is okay, but nothing special, really.

at Fin du Siècle – vegan Moussaka, very mediocre

To end on a positive note: Stumbled upon a recommendation in a magazine on the train ride to Brussels. Au Soleil d’Afrique serves up West African (Senegambian) food in the Matonge quarter of Brussels. Generous portions and an unbeatable atmosphere, this one is a winner.

Soleil du Afrique – good food and good vibes


February 24th – 27th 2018

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