Scrovegni Chapel in all its glory – Padua

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A must-see sight in Padua is the Scrovegni Chapel or the Cappella degli Scrovegni. Make sure to book your tickets online beforehand since there is a limited contingent. The building is quite modest from the outside, the real treasure is the fresco-covered walls and ceilings on the inside. It was finished in 1306 by Giotto di Bondone, so it is quite old!

There are 38 scenes of the life of Christ and the Virgin Mary, with lively bright colors of blue and gold. All those intricate details!

Enrico Scrovegni comissioned the chapel in order to redeem his father Rinaldo Scrovegni who was damned as a usurer in Dante’s Divine Comedy. He also intended to use the chapel as a tomb.

Scrovegni Chapel – ceiling

detailed frescos by Giotto di Bondone

more chapel views

stained glass and more frescos from the Life of Christ

There are – of course – some other beautiful buildings in the city. 18th century Café Pedrocchi is famous for its facade, neoclassical interior and its historical and political important.

Café Pedrocchi – famous for its architecture

The City Hall is also worth a visit. It houses a market place on the ground floor and has a beautiful ceiling.

ceiling of the Padua City Hall


October 31st 2017

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