mini Versailles and queen of vegetables in Schwetzingen, South Germany

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trimmed bushes

Built as a smaller version of Versailles, the palace and gardens of Schwetzingen (South Germany) are much less known than its famous sibling, but offers a perfect place for a stroll around beautiful sites and for taking some photos.

tree path


I love how this hallway mimicks the garden’s grand avenue and also the patterned shadows on the paved floor.

trees copied in architecture

mosque garden

These hallways are part of the mosque built within the gardens. A sign of religious tolerance and admiration of the oriental architecture. The interior is bright and beautiful.

oriental and occidental

beautiful light wall

stork over reflections of forest

The same elector associated with Schwetzingen Palace also introduced asparagus into the region, another influence from French court. With soil suited for growing asparagus, the region is now well-known for white asparagus, queen of vegetables. Germans are quite strict about when it is okay to consume the delicate plants, generally from April to June. During this time, every restaurant of the region serves up fresh asparagus, served with butter or Hollandaise sauce and ham (cooked or raw), accompanied by a side of either potatoes or pancakes. Less traditional dishes include a tarte flambée with bacon and pieces of asparagus, also incredibly tasty.


asparagus and Sauce Hollandaise

tarte flambée with asparagus


May 26th 2017

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