traffic of Bangkok and the aftermath of Khaosan Rd

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Chatuchak market

Anyone who has been to Bangkok will know the traffic is just insane. And comparing tuk-tuks to the ones in Cambodia, I can say that here in Bangkok, they are crazy! Look like party-vehicles, too. The drivers put their foot on the gas pedal like it’s going out of style. Pimped bumper cars with bling-bling decoration and a thousand blinking lamps. Meanwhile, every other driver out there cheerfully avoiding collision.

Unlike Phnom Penh where it’s predominatly tuk-tuks, or Ho Chi Minh City flooded with scooters, Bangkok’s masses move in busses, cars, tuk-tuks, scooters, bikes, underground in the metro, above ground in the skytrains.

Bangkok traffic

Silom intersection

BTS skytrain and cars underneath

waiting for customers

Silom main road

from MOCA on to the skyline

Khaosan Road in the morning

Khaosan Rd, Bangkok. The infamous backpacker street with street food, night clubs, bars and trade, the most known address to get drinks and live the night. I experience it at it’s calmest hour, unrecognizable in its serenity. Streets almost empty, most backpackers tucked away in bunk beds, with the few odd ones enjoying a hungover breakfast. It is a long night. Vendors slowly emerging to set up their stalls, the pad thai carts still empty. The big neon signs not flashing anymore, or should I say not yet. Tonight history just repeats itself, as it has done before.

Bangkok streets

Yaowarat // Chinatown

Cut to the quartier of Yaowarat, welcome to the cave of Alibaba, the cave of cheap treasures and gold. Come buy some gold, don’t worry, you can pawn some things if you are low on money. Stores dedicated to sunglasses, cables, clothes, fabrics. The smell of the market, wet and spicy. Steamed dumplings and Cantonese high tea, next to curries (this is Thailand, after all).

alibaba cave

scooters going by


May 6th – 14th 2017


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