sun sets over the jungle – Cambodia in all her glory

architecture, Asia

shadows growing

evening glow

As the day comes to an end, the last sunrays illuminate the detailed carving and cast long shadows of columns and windows. A monkey sits in a shaded spot and enjoys her early dinner. The temple we go to is no secret so lots of tourists are present, but they drift into background noise as the magical view over the golden jungle takes over. Soon, the moon rises into the sky, perfectly framed into a beautiful composition.


monkey with dinner

cloud cap for the temples

golden rays

clouds over the jungle

the round moon in the sky

perfect framing

hotel decor

Relaxation time at the hotel. It was almost not enough time to enjoy the nice facilities offered by the hotel…but the pool is much appreciated and needed after a long day baking in the sun.

hotel pool


April  8th -10th 2017


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