glorious temples and buddhist meditation in Phnom Penh – Cambodia


half a buddha head inside the National Museum

National Museum in Phnom Penh

Cambodia is heavily influenced by buddhism, an they leave their mark on the city’s architecture. There is the National Museum, built in Khmer style, the Royal Palace which might be just a bit overprized, and plenty of other temples, known as Wat. During my month in the capital of Cambodia, temples are great little spots for some peaceful quiet time in the usually buzzing city. Bonus point to the temples with shade! They are probably not as majestic nor as grand as their big brothers and sisters in Thailand, but still intricate in their design.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace door

A bit outside of the city and definitely not a tourist spot, Wat Ang Pothinean is situated in a strictly local and residential area. It is also home to a small dental clinic to provide free dental care for children. More on that soon! Still, the facilities are colorful and full of detail, and the monks were friendly, although they do have to keep their distance to women. Never touch a monk!

Ang Pothinean – pagoda with a dental clinic attached

More famous and on a prime position on top of a hill, Wat Pho is definitely a should-see in Phnom Penh. Donations are stuffed into the clothes of all the little buddha statues sitting and standing in the main hall – which looks just slightly weird.

Wat Pho

inside of Wat Pho

backstage at Wat Pho

monkeys around Wat Pho

monks at Wat Pho

monks at Wat Ounalum

Not as famous and therefore more quiet, Wat Ounalum justifies a detour from the riverside for some insight into the everyday life of monks. And if you are into meditation or would like to try it, Wat Langka is the place to go! Free meditation sessions a couple of times a week! Why not?!

Wat Langka



April 1st – May 6th 2017

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