Upon arriving in Glasgow, I stumbled across the biggest running event in Scotland: the Great Scottish Run, sponsored by the Bank of Scotland. I did not get to see the real deal as in the half marathon, but got there in time for the toddler dash (distance: 100m and much more suitable for my shape). I stayed to watch a pile of adorable toddlers crawl, walk, roll or tumble towards the finnish line (or any other direction). The picture above shows the very last contestant to finish the race, woohooo!

A small remark: I started this Ireland/Great Britain trip with a great confidence in my English language skills. That confidence got a bit shaken when conversation with the locals in Dublin was not going as smoothly as I expected.

Nah, no biggie, I thought, all will be sorted out with a bit of practise. It was only when I got to Northern Ireland that I realized there might be a serious problem. Maybe it is just the Irish, things will get better as soon as I get to Great Britain.

And then I landed in Scotland…



Industrialization has left a deep impact on the city and has given Glasgow an industrial landscape and urban charm.






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