Chickens on the run – hungry Chinese people are coming

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A story of Chinese New Year and Cantonese Cuisine

2017 is the year of the chicken. Poor chickens. Every new year’s table will feature a chicken of some sort, I guess. Plus a fish. But the fish does not get eaten until later. That’s tradition.

Another tradition is making dumplings with your family on New Year’s Eve. But weather it’s the New Year or not, dumplings are a delicious, fast and cheap option to fill up empty bellies.


ode to dumplings


2017 is not a good year for chicken

Guangzhou’s central streets are busy but one shop seems particularly crowded: a chain selling dried meats and sausages. I don’t really know if it tastes that delicious or not, but the decor is questionable at best and does not do much for my appetite.


China is not a good place for pigs

Food is important to the Chinese and morning tea is important to the Cantonese. Since it is to be had in the morning, only senior citizens and tourists enjoy it on weekdays. So lots of elderly (alone or as a couple, sometimes with friends) and us. Tea is of course important, bt the Dim Sum is the star of the show. Some dishes like shrimp dumplings are traditional (restaurants can be judged by the quality of their shrimp dumplings), some have a – sometimes weird – modern twist.


egg yolk buns at the Guangzhou Restaurant


Chang Fen – Steamed rolls of glutinous rice sheets with fillings


chicken with glutinous rice at a morning tea restaurant in Liwan District


lotto balls…not very traditional – and kind of greasy


turnip cake with wasabi stuff


mango jelly with cheap plastic decoration


January 15th – January 19th 2017

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