Hide and Seek in Nuremberg


Two sides of the same house. Only one side can be seen from the Christkindlesmarkt.


book store Jakob


Church of Our Lady


near house of artist Dürer


underground art


Doku-Zentrum Reichparteitagsgebäude


ten hypotheses for good design


Good Design is innovativ // makes a product useful // esthetically pleasing // makes a product understandable // unobtrusive // honest // durable // consistent in its details // ecofriendly // as little design as possible



after all…


New Museum


colorful installation


My last stop in Nuremberg is the New Museum. It is the kind of museum I like: modern architecture, spacious rooms, visitor friendly, small collection, art and design from recent centuries.

I am the only one on this floor – design collection. The only other people are two museum attendants who conveniently pop up in the room I am in. Multiple times. In fact, I think they are following me. Or maybe I am paranoid. They definitely are following me. Hide and seek, hide and seek. I cross a few rooms and make a few turns. I am losing this game. I lose. I lose. Game over.



New Museum – creepy kids

Last but not least, some creepy kids porcelain decoration.

December 15th, 2016

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