Stuttgart library – cube of wisdom



During my last visit to Stuttgart (Southern Germany), I had the chance to visit the new library Stadtbibliothek am Mailänder Platz. Korean architect Eun Young Yi creates a (almost perfect) cube in glass and concrete. Being a fan of geometric designs and structured buildings, I immediately fell in love with its simple yet sophisticated appearance. Each of the four façades had an inscription of the word “library” in the left upper corner.



English inscription “library” facing the west, the other three fronts show the same word in Arabic, German and Korean

Upon entering the library, a smaller cubis structure can be seen inside the outer walls. Tiny windows connect the corridors with this hall.





The library itself is located around and above the inner cube. The funnel-like room ends with a large glass ceiling which lets the room bath in natural light. Different floors are connected with large white staircases. There were a few other people who came just to take pictures, but also lots of people reading a book on one of the seafoam-green couches or even taking a nap. Using white as a main color captures the light perfectly and creates a calm, soothing atmosphere (and also, I love non-colors). The book collection seemed to be great too, judging from the few collections I’ve seen there.







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