Nuremberg – A Christmas Analysis on Pretzel

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Germans love Pretzels. Brezel, Brezen, whatever you like to call it. Symbols of all bakeries. Legend says it prevented a baker from certain death, nowadays, it prevents countless people from low blood sugar levels.

Roses are red, cabbage is blue

Europe, food, nature

It is fall again in Heidelberg and I stumbled across some photogenic veggies in the fields. Gigantic cabbage roses with some traces of the recent rain beat non-edible flowers anytime, non? With the temperature dropping rapidly (2°C this morning) the season of hearty stews and winter veggies is approaching fast. The last remains of your summer salad still remind us of a summer gone. The neatly planted rows of reds and greens seem like a well-groomed English garden. Never thought lettuce could be this elegant!

Worms and Tiny Birds


Worms – which has nothing to do with the invertrebrate – is a city in Germany that held significant power during the medieval times. Together with Speyer and Mainz (also known as SCHUM-cities), it was one of the cornerstones of Jewish culture and education. Its importance to Christianity is proven by the existence of one of the three so-called Rhenish Imperial Cathedrals (the other two are in Speyer and Mainz…not a coincidence). Imperial Cathedrals are cathedrals linked to the Holy Roman Empire, all three of the Rhenish ones are built (mostly) in the Romanesque style.