Lago maggiore – plants and edibles

Europe, food, nature

Roses are red, cabbage is blue

Europe, food, nature

It is fall again in Heidelberg and I stumbled across some photogenic veggies in the fields. Gigantic cabbage roses with some traces of the recent rain beat non-edible flowers anytime, non? With the temperature dropping rapidly (2°C this morning) the season of hearty stews and winter veggies is approaching fast. The last remains of your summer salad still remind us of a summer gone. The neatly planted rows of reds and greens seem like a well-groomed English garden. Never thought lettuce could be this elegant!

Slovenia tourist classics – Lake Bled & Postojna Caves

Europe, nature

I know a lot of people preach to stay off the beaten path and explore places where no tourists has ever set his foot on. And indeed, some of my most treasured travel experiences come from getting lost somewhere away from crowded spots and tourist traps. However, I do think that you should also give the most famous tourist attractions a go, I mean, there is a reason why those places became popular in the first place.