Humorous Brussels


dressed up Manneken Pis – OOTD

The most famous landmark in Brussels is a statue of a boy pissing into a fountain – known as Manneken Pis. He has a wardrobe full of different outfits (some fun, some political) so it is worth it to pass back on different days to snap an OOTD.

naked Manneken

Less known but just as peculiar is his female counterpart who squats in an alley full of bars, behind bars. Who put Janneke Pis behind bars?

Janneke Pis behind bars

With Brussels being the center of attention for all things political in Europe, it is only natural to find political statements and messages everywhere in the city.

Brussels is political – “Brussels and Wallonia are becoming the trash can of the world.”

Another very Belgian thing is comics, known as Bandes Dessinées or just BD, the likes of Marsupilami, Tintin…you can find them looking at you from various house walls in the city.

BD is cult!

There are chocolate stores everywhere in Brussels, mostly for tourists, but this little store adds a cute little twist (and maybe a political statement?) with four little wise monkeys. Too cute to eat.

chocolate wise monkeys


February 25th – 27th 2018


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