Casa da Música and Serralves – Meteor in Porto

architecture, Europe

Two of the sights a little bit outside of the city center are the Casa da Música and the Serralves Contemporary Art Museum.

The architect of the Casa da Música – Rem Koolhas – describes the concert hall as a meteor thrown into the city. He even added impact waves in the plaza outside the building, a nowadays favorite with the skaters and bikers. A guided tour is available for a visit behind the scenes, explaining much of the architectural intentions and attention to detail. Oh, and the blue tiles are present here as well, but as a mixture of Dutch and Portuguese artwork.

impact waves outside the Casa da Música

looking at the houses from the Casa da Música

blue tiles and bright paint

double glass wall for isolated sound

lit up

chasing hoops

graffiti and nature

Another modern piece of architecture surrounded by a large stroll of greenery. Great symbiosis of scenery, architecture and the artwork on display. During the visit, a fall festival took up large parts of the park, making the area come to life.

Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art


geometric shapes

examining a painting

Serralves Villa


Fall Festival


September 22nd – 24th 2017


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