garlic cities and serious feasts – Speyer, Germany

Europe, food

gate in a gate

Another one of the medieval Jewish powerhouses along the river Rhine (Speyer, Worms, Mainz), together named the SCHUM-cities (Hebrew for garlic bulb). It does resemble Worms a lot, with the Romanesque cathedral as its biggest feature. That’s not very Jewish, is not? Well Jewish traces (like mikvahs) can also still be found in each of the three cities as the cultures did coexist in peace for a limited period in history.

in front of the cathedral in Speyer


beautiful crypta

femur bone

Lots of other churches – old and new – are spread throughout the city which is perfectly walkable. The Altpörtel (old port – a former city gate) offers a great view and should not be missed.

gothic style church

dark mysterious interior and colorful glass

view from the city gate

The following pictures are from a restaurant in Heidelberg, not Speyer, but I couldn’t withhold these food pictures. It just looks so good!

modern take on tapas at a popular steakhouse

steak with Spanish potatoes

surf and turf

scallops and greens


May 27th 2017


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